I’m new here… and its a bit disturbing…

welcome_matThe internet is very good at providing a cocoon of sameness.  Google  etal all have algorithms that recognize patterns in your online behavior.  And they know if you are a liberal, for example.  They then provide that sort of thing to you when you search.

This makes being online very very much more comfortable.

On tumblr, I started by following the people I met on Twitter.  And then I followed the people those people followed and the people those people followed.  And so on.

What I essentially did was create my own little algorithm of like minded people.  As a result, a disproportionate number of the people I follow on tumblr are socially liberal.  None are overtly religious.

I’m slowly migrating away from tumblr because its not supporting commenting and its become less enjoyable.

So I’m slowly meeting new people over here.  But as I look about at the various blogs on here, I find I’m definitely outside the liberal zone I’m used to. There are blogs on here that make me cringe.  I obviously don’t follow them, but I’m finding the search for community on wordpress is not as obvious or as easy to find.

And then there is the question of the like minded cocoon in the first place.  Is it a good thing?  Its comfortable.  There is NO doubt about that.  But is it good?  Probably not.

On the other hand, my mental well being is not so great.  And reading things that upset me, things that me cringe like hate and bigotry are not things that help the promote a healthy state of my mind.

So.  Here I sit, a little bit disturbed about the neighborhood and wondering if its worth the effort to forage forward to find new friends.