Because this is life. Why is this even a question?

Being single is not a problem that needs an explanation. It just is where life is at that moment. It’s a changeable state that doesn’t require changing.

Life does not end up where you are today because of one thing that happened, or one person or one choice. Life is a huge web of things we did, or we didn’t do, things we believed or didn’t believe, things that happened or didn’t happen, people we met or didn’t meet.

It’s NOT a question that can be answered without just giving you a moment by moment account of my life. It cannot even be narrowed down.

And all attempts to find a reason, to narrow it down are foolish and self destructive.

Life is here. This is where we are so far. There’s no accounting to be given to anyone, so fuck the people who ask for it.

The idea that couplehood is the better state is the root of so much unhappiness.

And that idea is at the root of this meme question. Fuck That Noise. Reject the premise.

If you value the concept of couplehood over yourself, you make bad choices for a partner.  You start including the value of couplehood in your choices for someone to be with.  And that leads to bad decisions.

You have seen it happen.  You may even have done it.  Imagine if our society didn’t value couplehood over the single state.  Imagine how differently those situations would have unfolded.  Imagine how many people would be doing entirely different things with their lives.

People may still end up in bad relationships without valuing the concept of couplehood, but I would bet on at least a 50% reduction in bad relationships.

OK.  I’m getting off the soapbox now.