Get some Perspective

Stop being afraid of being bombed by a terrorist.

Unless you live in Syria or similar locality, your odds of dying or being injured while driving to work are far far far greater.

You aren’t afraid to drive to work.  And no one is spending billions of dollars to save you from death by driving to work.

In fact, you may not realize it, but if you live in North America or Europe you really don’t experience much in the way of terrorism from ISIS.  You don’t realize it because our media don’t report too much on the horrible terrorists attacks in the Middle East and Africa.

Can’t find the original to attribute this.  A correction – It should be San Bernardino, not San Diego. Also Baghdad, Not Bagdad

As you might naturally conclude, ISIS is almost universally hated in the Muslim World.



So, lets assume that you are a Syrian Refugee.  Your sister was killed 4 feet from you and you have fled with your family.  But now you are separated from your family who are all in different refugee camps.  No country wants you because they have ignorantly branded all Muslims as terrorists.  So now people think you are the very thing you hate so much.  Imagine how unfair and horrifying that would feel as you remember holding your dead sister in your arms screaming in terror and anger at ISIS.

Muslims are not our enemies.  They are not evil.  They are humans.  Just like you and me and they are being persecuted by both ISIS and Western Nations.  ISIS, I won’t try to explain.

But us.  We are treating them like garbage out of ignorance and fear.  Its horribly unfair and stupid.  Stop adding disdain to their horror.

Stop the Panic.  Get some Perspective.

Stop feeding the terrorism with irrational fear. Start treating your fellow humans with compassion and kindness.