How To Control Your Craving – with your BRAIN.

Apparently, if you imagine eating the thing you crave it helps.  Well.  You can’t imagine eating it once.  You have to imagine eating it 30 times.

Yup. 30 times.  You have to close your eyes and walk through the process of eating and savoring and enjoying your food of choice.  30 times in a row.


I mean who can just stop what they are doing to imagine eating a piece of cake over and over 30 times?  It takes less than 5 minutes to eat cake, which I can do while working – it would probably take 15 to create the fantasy.

In my life, I would spend at least 12 hours of my day with my eyes closed snarfing my way down a Hogwarts style dining table.  At some point, my employer is going to get annoyed with my constant war against the craving and just shove a piece of cake down my throat.