Life, Loneliness and Cats

My life has been dragging along. My depression has creeped into the old corners and I’m just dragging about out of necessity. I would prefer to just curl up in a ball and sink to the bottom. Which is an odd thing. Why would I want to just get worse? That’s the crazy part of the depression. It makes you want to feed it instead of fight it. Even while your logical brain knows it’s not a wise plan to do things that will make you even more miserable than you already are. But I have structure in my life now, so I drag about and go to work and feed cats and take walks and keep going.

One of the biggest miseries in my life is relatively new. Loneliness. I’ve always been a loner, but with plenty of friends. I never felt lonely or extremely rarely until I became homeless. Or more specifically until it became clear to me that one of the mental platforms of my personal identity didn’t actually exist. I thought I was deeply connected to my family. That family meant I was never really alone. But actually – no. When my mother died – the connection died. Because my sisters are married and have families of their own. I never married or had kids – so they did not feel the same connection to me as they had their own lives. That was when loneliness arrived. It’s a terrible feeling and I wish deeply to go back to the place where being alone was just fine and enjoyable. The loneliness is much worse when the depression is mobbing my brain.

But. But. Then there are cats. I do not exaggerate when I say that cats are the reason I have not exited this life. They provide a warm and loving companionship. They give me an obligation to do that makes getting up and moving necessary.

And I now have another cat. Or more precisely FC has moved inside. Yesterday I snatched him up, and won a close struggle and now he is inside. Amazingly, he didn’t hide at all. He just complained in the song of his people for many hours. It turns out, he likes to be pet. He no longer minds being picked up – a thing no one would have predicted after seeing his struggle on the way in.

This is where a picture of FC would go except I can’t find that option anymore because wordpress new and unimproved itself.

And he destroyed the window blind. Yeah. He sits on the window sill, but last night I put the blind down, because I’m not fond of the world seeing into my apartment at night. At first he was fine with that. But at some point while I was asleep he decided he wanted to be on the window sill and even tiny cats will break a shitty window blind. And he did. Very thoroughly. Between him and Tim I will not be getting my deposit back. Tim has ruined the carpet in the bedroom by pulling out the yarns. Apparently that is fun?

Anyway. FC is in. Tim and Bijou are locked in the bedroom and FC has the rest of the apartment. Maybe this afternoon or evening I will bring one of them out to meet FC. I want them to get along – and I’m not sure how long stretch this separation to make the meet and greet easiest. We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Life, Loneliness and Cats

  1. FC is now an indoor cat! Yay! Rescue is chancy at best and I love happy endings.

    Sorry about your blinds and carpet, though.

    Connection is important, and it is always the moms who maintain it within the family. They plan the social events where you reconnect. They keep everyone up-to-date on everyone else.

    Maybe because we lost our mom so young, my sisters and I work very hard to fill the void, planning Christmases and other holidays together. We made that a habit in our twenties, before we started our families and it got more difficult. We still text and call, although I definitely talk to one sister more than all the others. It’s a huge help in staving off depression, especially during lockdown.

    We’re not meant to be solitary. Look at how many rescues and shelters have been emptied during COVID.

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  2. Families revolve around moms. After my mom died, we all splintered. I am close to one brother but haven’t seen the other in 30 years. I don’t see cousins at all. It’s ok about my one bro. We’re not remotely similar and spending time with him would be tedious. I have four cats so I understand wanting to integrate. My last one has been here a month and it went smoothly. It took about 3 weeks for my diva cat to stop hissing and blocking his way but now they play. I wish the same for your clowder!

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