Timmy, the Cat, is Lost

He jumped off the balcony Tuesday morning.  And he won’t come when I call.  I hope and honestly believe he is still within 2 houses of this building.  I don’t think he will head toward the busy road.  He’s an anxious cat and doesn’t like loud noises.  Mostly the internet backs me up on this, “unless the cat bolts in a panic”.  So naturally my deeply anxious brain is playing that scenario often.

I’m sure he’s terrified out there and has been in deep regret, but no matter how much I either call or sit quietly he is not showing up.

I’ve been up all night for two nights – going out every couple of hours to walk around and call.  I’ve been leaving work early so I’m around the house more.  I’ve opened canned cat food while standing in the yard and just stood waiting for the smell to call him to me.    Each time I go out but I come back without him and I’m filled with despair.  I can’t stop crying.  It’s awful.

Even Her Calico Highness is worried and looking for him.

I’ve posted flyers and put them on the doors of the homes for half a block.  I posted it on Reddit, Next Door and Pawsboost and my friend put it on Facebook.  I also put him on Pawboost.  I told every kid I see on the street about it.  Kids are the ones outside most and who notice animals.   I don’t know if any of it matters.

He has no skills to be outside.  And worst is that this yard and the one behind belong to a feral cat and I don’t think she’s going to be nice to him.  And might scare him farther away.

I just want him to come to me when I call.  I’m an idiot for not teaching that.  As much or more so than leaving him unsupervised on the balcony.

Why don’t we yet live in an age where the microchip comes with GPS?  It could use body heat for power.  If only I could track him.  If I knew where he is in all the damn brush and debris around here I could catch him.

He’s such a dumb little bastard.  I’m sure he jumped because the damn squirrel who lives on the building was taunting him.  Fucking squirrel.  tim

13 thoughts on “Timmy, the Cat, is Lost

  1. I really, really hope he figures out how to get back home, or someone finds him and gets in touch with you. Yes, he probably went after the squirrel. When the instinct to chase kicks in, it overcomes everything else. They forget about you, their home, everything, and can only focus on chasing whatever it is they’re focused on. I wish you all the best and hope he gets back home soon.

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  2. There are GPS systems that you can put on a collar for a cat. They are too big in put inside. Have you contacted any rescues locally. They have good techniques. Once I heard that it’s good to put their litter box outside (don’t know why or if it works). They say a cat is usually within a few blocks unless chased away, hiding in a shrub. Sending hugs your way.

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    1. I did put out the litter box. I have gotten 2 calls from people on the next street. One of the women I met on the street said she thinks he’s sleeping on her deck furniture. When she opens the door to leave for work at 630 he runs away. I’m going to her house in the wee hours tomorrow to see if I can catch him. I’m hoping it’s him. It feels a long way for him but if he bolted it’s possible.

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  3. I’ve had a cat go missing on me, I’m sure all cat-persons have at one time or another, and it’s heart-shattering. I’m presuming you’ve plastered the ‘have you seen this cat’ flyers all over your neighbourhood, called the local cat shelters, etc, and done all the things you need to to bring him home, so now you have to wait, which is the suckiest part of it all … and breathe. With your permission I’d like to place a candle on my altar for you both.

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