New Years Eve. I just got home from work at 10:30pm.

And I didn’t get everything done and tomorrow will be worse as far as number of things that need to get done.

I always start these sorts of days with the absolute belief that it’s all doable and by mid-day I know it’s gonna be overtime and by the time the overtime begins I making choices about what won’t get done.

Of course tomorrow is another day.  That is what if beautiful about tomorrows.  What can’t be done today, can be accomplished tomorrow.   And by Wednesday, the excess work will be sorted and it will all be done.  Tomorrow it won’t all get done.  I say this to prepare my mind for the fact.  Perhaps if I go in knowing that I will make different decisions.

In my old job, I could count on one hand the times I left work on my desk when I left.  Possibly two hands, but I’m leaning heavily into one.

When I worked late, it was USUALLY on a task that could be done in one day.

I could have finished all the tasks today but I would have left at midnight.  It didn’t seem like a wise thing, much less an attractive one.  So I came home.  Cuddled my cats and now I await the inevitable firecrackers, which will raise my anxiety.

I’ve bought a bottle of wine in hopes of being asleep when they start and being able to stay asleep through them.  I don’t hold out much hope.  It’s 11:15pm and I haven’t even finished a glass of wine.  I’m not even tired yet.

Tomorrow I’m going to leave work for a few hours in the middle of the day and have lunch with my nephew and his Significant Other.  It’s a busy day to interrupt with a lunch, but I made a healthy decision and recognized the my nephew is more important than getting every damn task off my desk.

The first of the month is a bear for me.  All of our biggest accounts are invoiced on the first for the previous months trips.  1000s of tickets per account.  Many of them require special handling and invoicing in ways that are not normal.  It’s ridiculous.  And time consuming.  Last month I did it all alone, my teammate who trained me, helped me in the previous 3 months.  I was damn proud of that solo accomplishment.  But tomorrow will be worse due to it’s day – Tuesday.  Only worse if it was a Monday.  And being a Holiday it means less help.

But it’s doable.  Thank Chaos that the Stillness was gone this morning.  Hopefully it will remain away tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “New Years Eve. I just got home from work at 10:30pm.

    1. I had a great lunch and frustrating day at work. I got back from lunch and all the printers in the building wouldn’t print. A network problem of some kind. As that is an essential part of the process, I was only able to do peripheral things and not the essential point of working on New Years Day. grrrr.


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