My little tomatoes have raised their little heads through the soil.  They are Money Makers seeds that I got from a friend.

But I’m very unsure about them.  I think they are going to be a bit small. It is very tempting to start a beefsteak.  But that is

  • a.  too many tomatoes.
  • b.  too much room.

I only have the balcony.  And the balcony only has so much sun.  And the best spot for the tomato only has room for one plant.  So.

One tomato.

I had been thinking I would have an entirely edible balcony garden this year.  No flowers.  But then I remembered the damn squirrel.

There is a squirrel that lives on this apartment building.  He runs up the sides of the building like it’s a sidewalk.  He hangs out on balcony and on the window sills.  He ate a couple of tomatoes last year until I finally figured out a cage system that worked.

But I don’t think I could do that the whole balcony.  So I think I will sadly give up my brainstorm of a fabulous kitchen garden on the balcony.


5 thoughts on “Tomatoes!!

  1. We have 2 pots of tulips and some hyacinth MrsGf planted and stuck on the windows just to try to get something growing about 2 weeks ago. The hyacinth are about 9 inches tall already and all of the tulips are up and leafing out. They may not flower because the might not be getting enough light, but just having something new growing for a change is good enough 🙂

    Squirrels — arrgh… When we were newly married we rented a house in Stevens Point which is infested with the little tree rats. They completely devastated our garden. They even took out the corn. They’d jump from the garage roof onto a corn stalk to knock it down so they could get a the ears of corn more easily.

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    1. Damn Squirrels!
      The enemy is cunning, but I will not be daunted. Well. I guess I’m a bit daunted. I am not planting an entire kitchen garden on the balcony because of the squirrel. It’s easier to defend one pot than a string of them.
      But he won’t get that one pot. That I swear.


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