Oprah Winfrey is NOT qualified to be President of the United States

I love her, but NO.

Being more qualified than Trump does NOT equal Qualified. 

Donald Trump is a bar so low a mouse could step across it.  He is not the bar we should measure candidates on.

Can we stop pretending that our government is Reality TV?

It’s not.

Can we stop confusing celebrity with experience and fitness for the job???

We need to fix the system that would allow us to vote stupidly for people because we see them on TV and therefore think this makes them qualified.

It was a nice speech.  BUT BEING PRESIDENT OF THE US is not an equivalent to being a great entertainer or even a great business person.


We deserve the apocalypse we get if we vote in another celebrity.  I have no patience for anyone who would vote for Oprah Winfrey.

There are great qualified candidates out in the world.  They just didn’t have a TV show or win a golden globe.

You want to drag in a qualified liberal candidate?  Convince Elizabeth Warren to run.  That is what qualified looks like.

Or – how about Kamala Harris – she is probably going to run.  GET YOUR LIBERAL ASS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH AND TALK HER UP.

Or if you prefer men – Tim Kaine.  You loved him as VP candidate, bet you can love him as POTUS.

OR if you like your men old and wildly liberal but mildly delusional – Sanders.

ALL of these candidates are WAY more qualified for the office than Winfrey.

We need to fix this system and put a set of REAL minimum qualifications into the job of POTUS.  Right now you just have to be 35 years old and have lived in the country for the previous 14 years and be a natural born citizen.  That’s it.  Only qualifications necessary.

Having a law background, or some previous government experience is utterly unrequired.  Being able to pass some basic ethical requirements also unnecessary.  We put appointees through a more rigorous reviews than we do the people we put up for elected officials.

We deserve the mess we get.

7 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey is NOT qualified to be President of the United States

  1. You have an excellent point. We have this cult of the celebrity that infuriates me. We fail to remember that what we see on television, on the web, read in the news or magazines, isn’t real. What we are seeing are people who’s every public appearance is carefully scripted and controlled right down to the last detail to maximize their popularity and earning potential by a host of PR people, writers, brand consultants, marketing people, etc. The public image we see is no more real than that of, oh, Bugs Bunny.

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    1. We have lost all sense of reality when we assume that if someone is popular they are qualified. You cannot run a country by choosing it’s leaders based on celebrity. We have proof in office right now that this system doesn’t work. We need to set a minimum standard that is more than age and neighborhood.


  2. I am so glad someone has said this. I am British, so have no say or vote in American politics, but I believe that our slavish worship of celebrities and Hollywood is what got the world into the mess it’s in today. Oprah is inspiring, successful and brilliant in so many ways. But running a country (arguably the most influential country in the world) requires so much more than the ability to make good speeches. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t enjoy and applaud Oprah and her celebrity chums for what they are, but the world needs to start recognising and appreciating the talents of great humanitarians, scientists, pioneers – people who can actually make a real change – with real understanding of what that change means – rather than people who can just talk about it. However nicely they do it.

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  3. One of my constant sayings (especially during the last election) is that you don’t have to like someone to vote for them. It’s not about popularity although a charismatic leader can rally the troops. You have to align yourself with someone’s values, morals and beliefs. As you can tell no one listened to me during the last election. I may be voting for grumpy cat next time. I love that video.

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    1. This is so true. I think too many people thought they needed to have the PERFECT candidate to vote for or they just couldn’t in “good conscious” vote. Yeah. Welcome to reality. We don’t get to vote for perfection. We get to vote for the least offensive choice to our values and ideas for the future.

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      1. I could never run for politics as I am not perfect. I’m not sure if I come across as “likeable” (whatever that is) in person. I also say bloopers and occasionally (not purposefully) offend people. Too bad Mother Teresa is dead.


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