I have no room left in my brain for empathy over mass shootings.

I can no longer process it.

My empathy doesn’t matter, of course.  Indeed, the dead people don’t matter.

All that matters is that people get to keep guns.

It doesn’t matter if people die because of guns.

What matters is that people have a free right to own a gun.

That’s all that matters.

I just read that 20+ people died and I thought Yup, seems normal.  Unsurprising.

Tomorrow more will die.

Yesterday a bunch of people died.

Next week, last month, next year, 2 years ago.

None of it matters.

That was crystal clear at Sandy Hook.  The US defined itself that time.

There is no moral good in the owning of guns, but people cling to it like it’s the fire that light’s their souls.

Kids mean nothing compared to the ability to own a gun.

Hobbies and Fear

That’s all that holds up their position.  But they keep winning.

It’s obvious that nothing will stop them.  They will cling to their belief and their fear and their bizarre need for a gun and insist that had nothing at all to do with the ongoing national crisis of humans needlessly dying.

There is no fixing a bias like that.  It’s too deep.

People will die tomorrow and the News Media will make money on it.  And the Gun Manufacturers will make more money with every mass shooting.

It’s the insanity of these Fucking United States.  May the hell fires of the Universe obliterate us.  We certainly have earned it.

3 thoughts on “I have no room left in my brain for empathy over mass shootings.

  1. If people want their 2nd Amendment right so badly, then keep your musket as that was the only weapon available at the time the Constitution was written. No rifles, no hand guns, no semi, or automatic weapons. When will they learn!?

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  2. I guess buying stock in gun companies is the only thing we can do.

    After these shootings I find myself asking sad questions like, “who will be the next shooter?” “Who will be the next target and where?” “How will the next shooter be creative and different in ‘his’ methods?”.

    These are awful questions that run through my brain … and sadder yet my questions really should be how will the US enact gun control rules and when will they take effect. I guess guns matter more than people. 😢


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