Rent to Own a Dog

This woman goes to a pet store, buys a golden retriever puppy for $2400 which is an outrageous amount anyway,


she finds out she’s been scammed.  She didn’t buy the dog.  She is RENTING THE DOG.  She stilled owed another $5400 dollars over the 5 years and then at the end of that time, she has the option to BUY THE FUCKING DOG!  More money.

OK.  I’m gonna unleash my rage now.

a.  DON’T BUY DOGS AT PET STORES.  You perpetuate the horror of puppy mills when you buy at Pet Stores.  And if you if think they are OK and are really just happy places – think about this scam.

b.  We have an over abundance of unwanted dogs in shelters and this new scam is now going to create more of them.  Because apparently dogs will be repossessed?  And then where are they going, do you suppose?

c.  Imagine having a dog, loving a dog, losing your job and now your dog is repossessed and may be euthanized.   Imagine it’s your child’s dog and the dog gets repossessed?  Or and probably more likely get sold to a Lab.  Because this is business.  You make money anywhere you can.

d.  Now spend a minute and think about this from the dog’s perspective.  Happy home, loving family.  BAM – living in a cage and people are poking things into you.  It hurts.  Or maybe you are lucky and ended in shelter and best case scenario you end up with another family – worst case DEAD. And why?  Did you do something wrong?  Does your family hate you now?

e.  If you ever doubt that animals are merely a commodity that we buy and sell, this should make it utterly clear.

The fucking asshole, Dusty Wunderlich, chief executive officer of this horror story, who came up with this plan and then implemented it, needs to be tarred and feathered.

And I mean that.  Because I’m not even touching on usury level of interest rate he charges, which he pivots into helping subprime borrowers regain credit.  Reality of course is that he’s fucking people’s credit up royally.  But he’s a hero in his own mind.

Here’s the douche himself.  If you ever see him, throw something sticky and awful all over him.  It’s OK.  He’s a fan of Ayn Rand.  So he will completely get the fact that you are just expressing yourself in a free society.

Pet stores and assholes like this don’t love animals, they love money and they are using animals and the people who love them to make it.

Adopt a dog who needs it.  Save money and a dog, and put these fuckers out of business.

9 thoughts on “Rent to Own a Dog

  1. A golden retriever puppy costs 4,800? Is that really what purebreds cost these days? I figured 800, or a thousand.

    I agree with your post – it is disgusting to do this to animals. My wife and I adopted a 1 year old lab mix from a shelter and she has been the greatest dog ever. (she’s 8 now)

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    1. I know. I just discovered this inflated pet cost thing last week. I work with a woman, whose daughter got a french bulldog for $15K.
      I spent that much on my car.

      I cannot imagine what they think is better for spending outrageous amounts of money on a pet.

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  2. (As you can see – when I neglect my blog for a while and then catch up – I do it backwards in time.)
    And now to this topic: I never understood the desire for “pure bred” dogs – isn’t it just the canine counterpart to racism?
    I love mutts. I have had four dogs and the only slightly difficult one was the product of a purebred dalmatian intended for breeding and a German Shepard neighbor dog who foiled the owners’ plans. The litter was going to be . . . disappeared so we quickly adopted the runt. That was Maggie.

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