I’m not longer giving any quarter to the Catholic Church

796 babies and children were killed from neglect by the Catholic Church in Ireland because the Church didn’t like that they were illegitimate.

Until the 1970s if you got pregnant out of wedlock in Ireland, you were sent to one of these nightmare mother and baby homes. And then when the child was born it was TAKEN from you.

Then it was neglected and abused.

796 bodies of babies and children found at ONE site. One child every two weeks died. Because they were illegitimate.  And having an abortion is wrong, but abusing children to death is…

I just pushed that down to its basic essentials.  Because those essentials ARE true.

The church that rails against abortion.  Killed living sentient aware innocent children.  Because NO ABORTIONS. And children out of wedlock are sin.

Don’t tell me that this isn’t the church of today.   Have you seen the ProLife Marches?

Do you see the money that goes into organizing Marches and abusing women in front of Planed Parenthood and contributing money to politicians going into the care and welfare of the children they are sooooo fucking sure MUST be born?

NO.  That’s a lot of money going to make sure children are miserable instead of going toward making sure children are fed, healthy, educated and happy.

ProLife is not practical help.  It’s moral masturbation.

NO.  You can’t tell me that Ireland’s situation is an isolated incident.  Because the reality is that this is still happening but in a more dispersed fashion.  Those orphanages were just a focused center of the same beliefs and actions that are current.

Children are born in poverty, to parents unwilling and unable to care for them.  They are dying, they are abused, they grow up without the value of a supported education and as adults enter a spiral of poverty.

Because of stupid, short sighted, self serving morality dictated by a book most of the marchers have never read and those that do, don’t ever take the time to consider with any depth.

This fight against abortion has pressed into any form of birth control because they want to remove Title X.  They want to get rid of planned parenthood altogether.  Providing women with the ability to plan fertility is a PROVEN contributor to stopping the cycle of poverty.  But they don’t want to help people out of poverty.  They want to feel the pleasure of their self righteous narrow minded glory.

I’m angry.  I’m so fucking angry for all of those children.  All of the mothers. I hope the church rots in it’s own fetid shit pile with every pope since they began.  ALL OF THEM. I don’t care if the current pope is a bit liberal.  He’s not any different.  He holds the sins of all of that church in his hands.

I’m only sorry that there is no hell because everyone even remotely tied to this horror should certainly be sent there.

9 thoughts on “I’m not longer giving any quarter to the Catholic Church

      1. It is easy and lazy to see the world using simple rules without considering the complexity of peoples’ lives. When we really think about a problem and try to understand other viewpoints, life styles, cultures, etc., then, hopefully, we come to understand and hopefully appreciate the ramifications of decisions/positions of individuals and institutions.
        You sound like a caring and compassionate person.

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  1. I agree. Most religions are quite warped in their thinking, because how could one justify killing children, fighting battles and doing all the other horrible things just in the name of a god they have never seen and in actuality has never done anything for them. In my opinion religion is just a way to keep the common man in their place.

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    1. Yeah. Putting any group as a priority leads to rationalizing your actions with more delusions. And for religious groups this is super easy because their entire premise is already a delusion, so it’s really a built-in process.

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  2. I was, alas, teaching for the church when the first of the child abuse stories began to hit the press years ago. To say it was an uncomfortable position to be in at the time would be an understatement. I was expected to continue to support the church and the clergy when it was “under attack” by “anti-catholic forces”. That’s how they spun it at first, that it was all misunderstandings, false statements being dredged up by anti-catholic media and individuals. I was told these were isolated incidents even as new abuse cases were being revealed almost on a weekly basis. Priests and bishops who were actually trying to expose what was going on and stop it were being censured, isolated. Coverups, even trying to attack the poor victims of the abuse… In at least one case I know of an archdiocese tried to sue the victims to recover legal costs, another where they shuffled money into protected accounts to try to avoid paying damages.

    It was not long after that that I got out and cut off all association with the church. I moved on, became a minister in a different denomination, got a fancy diploma with lots of gold leaf that says I’m a dr. of theology or some such nonsense, and then became an agnostic leaning towards atheism. As Kurt Vonnegut said, so it goes…

    Still, it wasn’t all wasted. I learned a lot about hypocrites.

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  3. They don’t see any of it as hypocrisy. And that is what I find terrifying about the human brain. We can very easily convince ourselves that something that is obvious is not real or that the invisible is real. Everyone everywhere is doing it at least on some level, but religion takes it to a new height.

    Political Parties are the same and I spend a lot of time questioning whether or not I’m falling too deep into a liberal delusion. It’s particularly easy on the internet.

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  4. J > Not the Catholic church, some individuals within the church structure. BTW, how many children have you sent to an early grave because of the trade in gold that goes into the electrical contacts in your mobile phone (as well as many other uses we take for granted). Check it out. Don’t get high and mighty with your views without being prepared to criticize yourself.

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    1. I’m fully prepared to criticize myself. And indeed am open to recognizing the many ways my modern lifestyle creates disadvantages for others and hurts the future of this planet. I try to recognize and manage my impact
      within my means and reason. I don’t pretend that I live a life blameless.

      And I’m afraid I cannot agree that it is NOT the church but merely individuals. The church is the guiding hand – the reason they act. The church is handing out the pamphlets on what to believe and do. The church is pretending that these things were either NOT done or not done in their name.

      The church has a long history of doing this.
      Yes – there are individuals in the church, but the church itself is not exempt because it is the environment that created that situation and fostered the individuals.

      The church is guilty. And until it accepts that guilt fully and stops pretending that their continuing actions are causing harm, I’m not giving it ANY quarter.

      Don’t worry. They will survive. They have been committing atrocities for nearly 2000 years and have yet be put into any kind of shame for it, much less been in danger of being eliminated. My anger is as nothing to them.

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