When You Vote for a Racist

If you voted for a Racist, for any reason at all, you still voted for a Racist.

If you voted for a Sexist, for any reason at all, you still voted for a Sexist.

What your vote says, at BEST, is that you you don’t think it’s important that the leader of this country represent ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY.

What your vote says is that you don’t think Racism and Sexism are all that important.  Your vote says that you don’t think that most of the people in this country have a right to feel safe in the country in which they live.

At worst, your vote is a straight up endorsement of treating fellow humans as garbage.

And quite frankly, if you voted for a racist – you get the same mark.  You may spend your life saying that you are friends with people of color or that to you, women are more than just sexual objects for men; but you just acted against them; you acted to hurt them.  I’m not sure you fully recognize that.

Your vote is NOT a passive act.  And if you voted for a racist and a sexist, that vote casts the shadow of racism on you.

Yeah.  I won’t back off on that.  There’s not going to be a free pass.  You got your president, but you don’t get to feel like you did it without getting the mark of racism all over your soul.  Because I will point at it.

You made a choice – a choice with the full and disclosed knowledge that he is a racist and sexist.  It reflects back on you.

And what I find worst about that act, that passive racism, is that you did it for a candidate who is wholly unqualified for the job.  No experience, bad impulse control, no self discipline and a bully.  If you were hiring someone for a job you wouldn’t take someone with those traits, but you put him the white house KNOWING he was a racist.

So I will ALWAYS point it out.  Get used to it.  I will not normalize your supportive racism by agreeing to not see it.  By giving you a free pass, so we can all get along.  NO.  I see it.

4 thoughts on “When You Vote for a Racist

  1. Still love the fact that you are speaking out – it is more important now than ever! Trumps “normalization” is even more frightening than his (frigging) election.
    What I don’t love is that your posts aren’t showing up in my Reader. I had to go searching for this. Any ideas on why this is so or how to fix it?

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