Your Vote says something about Who You Are

When you vote – you are voting for a human being to act in the name of this country. You cannot divorce that person’s views and character from your vote.

If you vote for a person who regularly kills dogs, you are saying it’s OK for the person in this office to be a dog killer.  If you are OK with that person being a dog killer, then you are saying that it’s OK to kill dogs.  Or at least you are saying the killing dogs isn’t that important to you.

You don’t get to say that you aren’t OK with dog killing, that you merely voted for the dog killer because it’s just a vote for your Party.  The best you can say is that killing dogs isn’t that important to you.  And that also says something about you.

Your vote is an act of your belief. It’s representative of you.  No one else can do it for you.  It’s You.  So if you vote – you do take on the reflective pattern of the person you are voting for.  You do take on some of the responsibility.

It is true that you will never find a candidate that meets all the criteria of your ideal.  Which is why is important to know who and what is important to you.  To look at how those things that are important are being represented by your candidate.

To pretend that you believe one thing and vote for something else  is disingenuous. Pretending doesn’t change the fact that if you knowingly vote for a dog killer, you are endorsing killing dogs.  You can’t pretend that you aren’t because it feels bad.

It’s naive to think that people who care about dogs shouldn’t  find your position on dog killing to be awful.  Even if you don’t really care about dog killing, your voting for a dog killer and they love dogs.  They aren’t going to like you for that.

3 thoughts on “Your Vote says something about Who You Are

    1. This is a post about voting for someone who is a racist and pretending that you didn’t vote for racism. You can’t vote for someone because they align with one thing you like and IGNORE the rest of it. You get the whole package when you vote.

      When people buy truffles in France, it is known that the truffle hunters leave on lots of mud because it is inflates the weight of the truffles which are sold by weight. You buy truffles and you get mud.

      In Trump’s case, they bought some issue that is important to them and we get a racist and a sexist. And it’s not been hidden. It’s been fully disclosed. And those who voted for him are muddy with that racism.

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      1. Thank God. When I first read the post I thought it was a vote against the democrats and for the anti choice republicans. I was angry and was thinking of taking you off my blogroll because a vote for trump is a vote for evil. In my opinion anyway.

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