Why I think Clinton will be a Great President.

RuPaul in an interview with The Vulture.


This sums up the reasons I have considered Clinton more qualified than any candidate in 4 dozen years.  LBJ is probably the last candidate that could pull off what I think Clinton is capable of.

I have found Sanders ideals attractive.  But Clinton shows all the grime and scars that comes from a lifetime of battles and success.  She knows how to GET IT DONE.

She’s not nice.  My mother called her a bitch when she first came up as First Lady and she probably called it accurately.   I could write an entire post on why her Bitch is a product and projection of our culture, but it’s been written by many.  So Look It Up.

But just imagine If she is lucky enough to get a Liberal Congress, we could really see shit fly.

4 thoughts on “Why I think Clinton will be a Great President.

  1. Why do people think they need to vote for someone they “like” rather than someone qualified? It’s not like any of us are going to have a drink with the president anytime soon. Actually I like badass women!

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  2. Good post. I think she is highly competent and understands the job and issues. She also has experience, both domestically and globally, which matters. I have a post coming soon which is based on an article of someone who worked for Trump. He noted that Trump’s lack of interest in studying for the most important job in the world is arrogant.

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