When It’s Not True


This is making the rounds on Twitter at the moment.  It’s not something he said.  Granted he says many absurd things, but this isn’t one of them. It was part of a satire article by Andy Borowitz.

Neither is this:


People magazine has done an extensive search of their archives and so have other people.  It just doesn’t exist.

You would think, with so much obvious and real fodder for outrage, that people would stick to the reality, but no.  That’s not how humans work.

I’ve watched 3 Presidential elections unfold on twitter.  And I can say that people are just as happy to be outraged over false information as accurate information.  As long as it’s about the other guy, they are willing to fall headlong into the pitch of anger.  Without pause.

I dislike being fooled.  And I guess I’m weird because I dislike it most when it’s the people on my side.  I don’t want to be misled.  It presumes I’m an idiot.  And I own very few qualities I find worthy and my ability to think is one of them.  So when someone tries to juice me with bad info assuming I’m not going to check because I agree with them politically, it pisses me off.


2 thoughts on “When It’s Not True

  1. I disliked being fooled as well. I detest when people lie, it is fact checked as a lie, and they don’t care and say it again and again. Not only is Trump the most prolific liar in fact-checking history of presidential candidates, a representative of one of the fact checkers said he shows little remorse. It used to be when a fact checker apprised a candidate of a lie, they would stop. Trump does not care.

    Clinton is far from perfect, but she is having to deal with an intentionally created image that has been developed dating back to the 1990s by the GOP and found and built on by Trump and Sanders camps. Benghazi with eight committees, which found the same conclusion that the initial nonpartisan review by Admiral Mike Mullens and Ambassador Thomas Pickering found 2 1/2 months after the event, long ago stopped being about the truth and became a witch hunt. A depressed (per his sister) Vince Foster commits suicide and the story that gets out and perpetuated is the Clintons had him murdered.

    She is not perfect and is overly defensive, but she has had to put up with a lot of crap. Yet, when she does have fair issues for criticism, it just feeds into this beast of false narrative that the GOP gleefully created and feeds.

    I also get tickled by the remembrance of Bill Clinton’s presidency. Yes, he was a womanizer. yet he also turned out to be a very effective president with the most jobs created ever on his watch at 22.8 million, which is 6.7 million more than 3rd place Ronald Reagan, and he balanced the budget. In fact, the Republicans used this against Obama in 2008 and 2012 saying he is no Bill Clinton. And, now….

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    1. I should have added that I wish people would not make stuff up about Trump, as he does not need any help sounding inane, hateful or inflammatory. It will start a war of faux comments that is unnecessary and inappropriate.

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