Donald Trump and the Mob

It sounds like the title to a bad Detective Story.  But there is a substantial connection between Donald Trump and the Mob.  

Trump worked with a guy, Felix Sater, who helped develop the Trump SoHo hotel and condominium in New York City. In 2000, Sater pled guilty to running a major mob funded investment scam.  He served no time because of a deal he made with the FBI.  Sater was also convicted for slashing a guys face with a broken bottle in 1993.  He’s a nice guy.

Allegations have been made that Trump worked with mob related operations in various building sites.  Its been said Trump Tower is a a monument to the Mob by Wayne Barrett .

But you don’t hear about it much.  No one is harping on it.  Perhaps because he has such a great clown show going on in front of the reporters, there is no need to dig to deep for something worth reporting.

You may consider it inevitable that he’s connected to the Mob because he’s a builder.  But put it in perspective – the man who claims to be right for the White House job is connected to organized crime.  We should try to avoid putting that sort of connection into the white house when we can see it ahead of time.

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump and the Mob

    1. He isn’t, of course. The Kennedy family had ties to organized crime. Heck, some of John Kennedy’s mistresses. There were allegations that both Nixon and Agnew were involved, but they managed to get into trouble in other ways that brought them down. Most of the major political machines in New York and Chicago were connected to various criminal organizations. The links between the mafia and the government were so well known that it was a running joke, fodder for a lot of comedians in the 60s.


    2. I am aware that Clinton has been to fundraisers held by the mob and there is a report that she was willing to intervene on a mob sentence for votes in 2007.

      What is interesting is that those things were thoroughly hashed by the media. But Clinton doesn’t run nearly as entertaining a campaign as Trump so those issues get proper attention.

      I can’t find anything about Sanders and the mob. But no one is surprised about that. And of course he won’t be the candidate.

      Imagine if both sides put up clean intelligent humans with some basic ethics. I’m such a dreamer.


  1. You’ve hit a nerve for me here. What flummoxes me more than anything is that outside of the Washington Post, there is such little investigative reporting going on with Trump’s history. Instead of just focusing on Trump’s personality quirks and outbursts, I wish more media outlets would assign reporters to DIG in his past more. Ted Koppel recently complained about this too.

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    1. They have very little reason to. They are in business. And the current clown show is getting plenty of ratings and advertising. Investigative journalism is expensive. Why bother when he or his tribe hand you a story a day cheap.


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