Baffling. Just Baffling.

I don’t get UK Politics.

I mean when Cameron resigned I was sort of shocked.  In a vague way I get that he was doing some kind of “noble thing” because he fucked up in large and terrible way.  I guess?  But I don’t REALLY get it.  But the UK people I follow on twitter seemed to just nod knowingly.  Maybe they think he’s idiot, but they don’t seem baffled by the act of resignation.

Then the resignations of the MP and Cabinet Members just came flooding in.  Now I’m befuddled.  Why are they all quitting just when they are most needed?

When your country is in crisis, you don’t do the honorable suicide thing.  You buckle on your adult panties and you get to work putting the place back in order.  You have large fights about the best way to do it, but you keep going, you negotiate and compromise and hammer out some solutions that neither side really likes but both sides find at least acceptable.

But you don’t politely bow out because you don’t agree with how things have gone so far.  What the ever living fuck is that about?  Grow the fuck up.  This isn’t the damn PTA.  You were elected to a position of government.  Do the damn job and stop prancing around writing noble and slightly martyred resignation letters.

Utterly ridiculous way to run a damn country.  Or in this case, not run a country.

I mean, these are the people KNOWN for being stubborn and sticking out the damn blitz.  One of their heroes, the Duke of Wellington is oft quoted for saying

“I made my campaigns using rope, and if a piece broke I tied a knot”

Tie a knot, Idiots.  Stop faffing about resigning and just get the place back in order, one way or another.

Churchill was famous for not giving up.  For facing down utter disaster and pulling his country through.  Churchill would have told them all –

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Continue, damn you!

From my vantage and at this distance all I see are a bunch of children in a crisis running home crying for Mummy to get them some tea because its been rough at the playground this week.

It seems to me that someone needs to have a Come to Jesus Meeting with these halfwits.  I wonder if the Queen is available? Maybe that could be her real role in the UK.  Scolding the Parliament into doing their damn jobs.

I am not always thrilled with my country, the US.  But I will say this, we aren’t plagued by the hypocrisy of Virtuous Quitters that seems to have decimated the UK Parliament.  I cannot imagine any of our Congress, many of whom have few if any redeeming qualities, quitting just when the country needed them most.  Much less the President.

Calling a General Election at such a time is just adding  Chaos to Crisis.  Ridiculous.

10 thoughts on “Baffling. Just Baffling.

  1. From what I understand, Cameron would be resigning soon anyway. At the last general election, he did say it would be his last. It’s quite a tough job, being Prime Minister – perhaps he needs a little rest 🙂 Also, having lost such an epic referendum, there would undoubtedly be a coup for the residency of Number 10, which would be politically and personally embarrassing for him. Particularly if he was toppled by his main rival and current favourite for the job, Boris Johnson. Then there is the fact that there are the exit negotiations to tackle – having now lost the referendum he has no credibility in Brussels and would not be able to get the best out of proceedings. His time as PM is up and he knows it – which is why he has done the noble thing and fallen on his sword.


    1. I guess… I mean I get that he’s in a losing position and that the Leave Corner is going to fight for the office.

      But it feels like he added a lead to sinking boat the instead trying to save the victims. He just bailed out and said – Hey, Sorry for the fuck up. To me that’s not what leaders do.

      He’s now utterly useless because he announced his retirement. But maybe I don’t see the nuanced difference in advantage between fighting and retiring. I suppose its possible that retiring creates a better position for the UK that I’m not seeing.

      But it feels like a cowardly move from the distance.

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      1. I know what you mean, of course. In an ideal world he should have stayed on and lead the country through this difficult time. BUT – this is not an ideal world and the world of politics anything but straight forward. His position and influence – both at home, in Europe and the wider world – is greatly damaged and he no longer has the standing required to effectively represent the country. It shall be interesting to see what happens next! 🙂

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  2. I am pulling for success, but am quite pessimistic. The resignations are a puzzlement, but the real reason, I believe is not to be associated with something that is not going to go very well as the financial markets are clearly and will continue to indicate. The UK’s debt was downgraded and the pound is at one of its lowest relative marks in over 30 years. And, this is without the consideration that Scotland voters favor leaving the UK at 59% and the planning process has already started, with Northern Ireland possibly to follow.

    Cameron called for this vote, but they did a horrible job of explaining all of the jobs that have been created by companies who have placed their European HQs and plants in the UK to supply the Europe markets. A number of companies are on record saying they are now investigating leaving the UK. The best example is a county in Wales voted to leave, but their largest employer is a Japanese automaker who is there for duty free access to the Europe market. So, the county voted against its economic interests.


    1. A decent number of people who voted to leave seem to have been confused about what they were actually voting for.

      Some of them think they voted to make the immigrants leave.

      And then, of course, there’s the out right lies they told to get people to vote for them. Using the money to fund their NHS was retracted on the first day after the vote.

      The Leave Website is now using the EU regulation to its advantage and having itself erased from existence. Although its hardly going to work. I mean – when everyone knows you are doing it, you don’t have a chance of erasing your sins.

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