Self Control

I re-read and edit my already published posts.  A lot.

If I had the slightest bit of self control, I wouldn’t publish it immediately.  I would re-read and edit it over a couple of days until it met my satisfaction AND THEN publish it.

But I don’t.  I want the drug of feedback from readers.  I crave it.

The 21st century – adding yet another thing I should have some form of willpower over but instead have fallen victim to its addictive nature.


5 thoughts on “Self Control

  1. But then , if it weren’t for the thrill of that immediate feedback , maybe we would never actually come to publishing anything …always editing and trying to make it better 😉
    Turtle Hugs

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  2. OMG, that’s me also. It’s not really the feedback I’m looking for, but just getting what I’ve been slaving over for the last day or so to just be DONE already. But like you, I do go back to correct, revise, eliminate and add. I guess it goes with the territory

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  3. Some hopefully comforting word you and your commenters: If you are talking about typing mistakes etc., then you can edit for hours and still not find everything. From my years of editing books, I know there is a reason why we do it on old-fashioned paper and not on the computer. There have been texts I read and reread dozens of times, but only caught the little mistakes after printing them out.
    When it comes to changing content or the writing itself after-the-fact, I follow Lyart’s advice: don’t do it! Very few people other than the author go back and read old stuff. For you personally, your old stuff gives you snapshots of where you were and what you were thinking back then. And maybe how far you have come since!

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