Have you ever forgotten to wear your bra?

I did.  Well sort of.  I realized as soon as I was outside.  Apparently my brain has some association with the outdoors that includes breast support?

I stood at the top of the steps and contemplated my options.  My hands were full of trashbags from cleaning out of the pantry and going back through two locked doors with those bags seemed hard.

And then I realized.  I’m the only one who really cares.  And I just won’t.  So I kept walking.  And when I was driving to Kroger I was wondering whether I could ACTUALLY do it.  Go into Kroger with the girls unleashed.

I got gas and spent the whole time feeling like I was naked.

I parked the car, sat in the car, then reversed the car out of the parking space and went home. I couldn’t face Kroger with my boobs undocked.

It’s hard to say how much my natural antipathy for Kroger played into that, but it’s definite that my brain was screaming at me that I was naked.

It’s amazing that these free blowing breasts that I am so unaware of when I’m at home could become so all encompassing in my mind when I’m not at home.   Our brains are a blizzard of irrational associations and urges.  Today, despite fitting all the criteria for legal decency I felt like a naked school girl on test day.

5 thoughts on “Have you ever forgotten to wear your bra?

  1. I just LOVE how you bring up whatever is on your mind!!! Plus it gives me a chance to contribute to this randomness fun madness. 🙂

    So, just before I read your post I was thinking about my boobs. I actually just bathed and powdered up — this includes under and around my gourds. I CANNOT stand the feeling of loose free boobs … maybe when I’m in bed and lying down than it’s OK, otherwise I squish and support the hell out of these suckers (or are they really suckees?).

    TMI?! I dunno … you’re the one who started this post so I’m going with it!

    Anyway, I have put my bra on nice and tight. I look forward to losing weight as this is one of the places I lose! I’m no Dolly Parton, but I’m not an A cup either.

    Have fun with your freeness … I don’t dare ask how big your ladies are. Now THAT would be TMI! 😉


  2. I really cannot stand having on a bra when I’m at home. Its the first thing I take off. And when I am just around the house – NO BRA. I hate that tight feeling you love.

    But when I step out of the house I never notice my bra. I don’t think its tight or uncomfortable.

    Apparently my brain has set up rules for my environment and my bra when I wasn’t looking.

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  3. That’s so funny. I can’t go with out my girls locked down, I even have some support to sleep in, and I’m not that chesty. It’s a security blanket for me I guess.

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  4. I can go out if I have a sweatshirt on (baggy of course) or a jacket that will remain zipped. Under a tee-shirt, ummm…no. The “perky” days are gone and the little pears tend to point to the ground. Besides that, because of a lumpectomy they are very mismatched. No one else cares but me but I do.

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