Dilemmas in Organizing

You know what the problem is with cleaning a pantry or closet?  The resulting closet and/or Pantry looks MARVELOUS.  The rest of the residence, not so much.

Because there are things that don’t really belong in the Pantry but lived there for reasons unknown, and it would be CRAZY PANTS to return them there… After all, that was the reason for the reorg.

But now, I need to find homes for them.  In other closets.  But those closets could use a good rubbish clearing and organizing…and so just jamming in these new items seems sort of wrong when clearly I am just going to need to pull it out again…


Basically, I have just rearranged the mess and spread it about the place a bit.  I could reconsolidate the mess into a different closet but that does take the shine off the accomplishment of my pretty pantry.

You know what would fix this?  A label maker.

Trust me.  Labels would just make all of it work.

No, I’m not deflecting.  SHUT UP with your damn logic.

Labels are super important parts of the organizing process and I don’t have ANY!  All the articles and the youtube videos endorse the labels as the key to making your life organized.

And if they were CUTE labels that would of course make it nirvana.  But I’m willing to compromise on that since Cute almost always means Money and I’m cheaper than I am organized.

5 thoughts on “Dilemmas in Organizing

    1. Oh God. That is exactly why I’m hesitant to buy a label maker. Because after you label the stuff, what do you do with the damn label maker?
      Apparently there are some cute templates online for sticky labels but I don’t have a printer.
      I feel Target calling me to it. Because if any place has a cute label selection its Target.

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