Dear WordPress:

Look.  I like you.  Mostly.

But today.  Today, you have pissed me off.

I got a comment on my blog post.  I read it in your fancy schmancy hovering bell notification thing.  I HATE the magic hovering stuff that pervades the web, but I get it – you have to keep up with the latest, even if it’s glitchy and pointless.

Today I responded with a rather lengthy and thoughtful comment to my kind commenter.  I was quite pleased with my comment. And then when I hit send it disappeared and a notice came up that I had somehow sent my kind commenter to Spam Hell.

THAT, that right there, is the reason these stupid Hovery Magicy things are a problem.  I’m sure I clicked something odd while it was moving mysteriously between one form and another.  I certainly didn’t do it intentionally as I had no idea that was even a damn option.  And the comment WASN’T spam.

I then fixed Your pointlessly created problem by Unspamming the comment, but I have no idea if my commenter was notified of this embarrassing mishap.

AND (and this is the crux of my anger) because it is UNFIXABLE, I lost my response to her comment.  My thoughtful and rather long comment was LOST.  Because of this UTTERLY pointless thing you have going with the hoverboard of notification hell.

I like the idea in theory – I want to have easy access to my notifications.  But I’m all kinds of OK with them being in their own page.  Being captured and STATIC is fine.  The hovering stuff is more annoying than good.  Stop the Madness.  Lead the charge away from the sparkles and into the hard and fast reality of things that are FUNCTIONING PROPERLY AND CONSISTENTLY.



8 thoughts on “Dear WordPress:

  1. Been there, done that a few times. Actually, the first time I didn’t see the notice it was sent to spam and only found the comment in the spam folder later. I thought the commenter had thought better and had delete their own comment. Then I found out I did it…. Somehow. Still haven’t figured out how it works.

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  2. I hate when answering a comment that an old comment I made to another person comes up in the comment box. If I don’t realize it sometimes it just adds itself to my comment. ugh!

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  3. I’ve had a lot of problems. One thing that I found helps is using Explorer (or whatever it’s called now) instead of Google Chrome or Firefox. But WordPress is for sure really quirky and annoying.

    P.S. I’ve been burned so much that I sometimes copy my response before clicking, so I can paste it in again if it doesn’t go through. Because no one would want to miss a single word of my witty repartee!

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  4. Hate that when it happens. Usually it’s Tumblr that does that to me. Tumblr routinely loses my draft posts or deletes them or something, edits I made don’t appear in the actual posts, etc. Haven’t had a problem with WordPress yet, but it sounds like the interface I’m using is a lot different from the one you see. Maybe because I’m using a business account?

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