So. Alabama and Tennessee.


In TN, there is an argument that suggests that you wouldn’t want to see a therapist or doctor who found your gender repellant.  But, its a false argument.  Qualified doctors and therapists do not grow on trees.  They are not evenly distributed among the population that needs them.  Sometimes you need expertise not belief in your gender identity.

In Alabama there is no argument in any form that does not make this law repugnant, immoral and an abomination of human rights.  Its unlikely that it will withstand any challenge but its existence is horrifying nevertheless. Its one town, but it exists.

I’m feeling worn out by the hate in the world.  I find the people who stand up loudest for this sort of malice are the people who claim to work in the name of “loving God” and that is what makes me most depressed.  Because if that their concept of love then we can’t even agree on what love is.  Where is common ground at that point?

I try to remind myself that they aren’t the majority but then this happens.  And it feels so much like the majority.

When I was young it felt like the future had hope.  It felt like we were moving to a better place.

And even though there are huge obvious milestones that have been met, we have these kinds of things and I feel like hate is always going to exist.  We will never get past it.  There will always be those who look for things to hate in the name of righteousness.  We will never be free of it.



3 thoughts on “So. Alabama and Tennessee.

  1. Your middle paragraph about being worn out by haters who are supposedly taught to love is on the money. Living in NC, it is sad what has happened to our state by fear mongers.

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