The person who magnetized the screwdriver

THAT person deserves a Nobel Prize.

Possibly the Peace Prize.

The total level of aggravation that was reduced in the world by this one small innovation was immense.  Awkwardly placed screw hole destined to make humans scream in frustration.  Fixed by magnet.  Dropped screws rolling into deep black holes previously unknown in the home.  No longer an issue.

When was the last time your life was that impacted by the Nobel Prize winner?


But the person who magnetized the screwdriver.  That person.  A HERO.  A Damn Hero.

5 thoughts on “The person who magnetized the screwdriver

  1. Uh, Charlie Magneto? The problem is, the Nobel prize, great as it is, was set up with money earned making dynamite, and, since Nobel’s wife was so bored she had an affair with a mathematician, is for all fields of endeavor-except Math! They give their own-the Fields medal. And Charlie Magneto was sure as shooting, an applied mathematician. Love this blog.

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