Lost: Sense of Humor

I don’t get April Fools.  It’s a variation on practical jokes that I also don’t get.  But stupider – because of course we all get that its April 1st. so….

I don’t think I have ever laughed at the implausible, the elaborate, the stupid, the mean or the subtle lies that get told in the name of “good humor”.

I’m not sure what its point is.  Indeed, no one is even sure how we started doing this particular tradition.  Scholars speculate, but no one seems quite sure.

I suppose it’s good in that it’s participatory and it reinforces those group bonds we have when we all agree that this is a thing we do at a particular time.  But I find it particularly pointless.

Its only agreeable trait is that it doesn’t appear to be commercialized the way so many of our holidays are.  It truly is a non-money making celebration.  If celebration is what you would call a world wide day of tricking people.

Anyway.  Enjoy the day.  I guess.

7 thoughts on “Lost: Sense of Humor

  1. Hahaha, good one, you had me going for a minute. Not liking stupid practical jokes on April Fools… Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Actually, I pretty much agree. I do not participate in it and really never have. If it’s all in fun I don’t mind, but there are occasional “practical jokes” that seem downright mean to me. I don’t get that at all.

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  2. I have never been a fan of mean humor. To me, it is like hazing at a military college or fraternity, giving some people a license to be an asshole. The people who take too much delight in it tend to have a below the surface mean streak or esteem issue where they are unduly influenced by the others to do something they would not normally do.


  3. Three of my school kids approached me yesterday and asked if I would help them with an April Fool’s joke. I was supposed to tell the other students that our London trip in June was cancelled. But just for a few seconds. I said I would think about it. Then they came to me again and said, I should just say that the trip was going to be two days shorter.Then they came to me again and told me their worries – would this be bad for the atmosphere in the class?. Then they came to me and said they had reconsidered. I shouldn’t do it.
    I love my school kids.

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