Owww! My Eye!

In an almost miraculously stupid turn events, my shirt tried to poke out my eye by colluding with the file cart.

My shirt has tie strings with wooden beads at the end.  While in my chair, I  leaned over the file cart and then sat back in my chair.  The beads got caught on the cart, pulled tight, then broke free and WHAM:

Wooden Beads slammed into my open eye.

It hurt.  A LOT.

And it was such an odd idiotic thing to happen.

I hope it didn’t damage it.  The eye, not the beads.  I hope the beads burn in the open pit of Hades.

I suppose I will have a black eye, but I don’t want the actual eyeball to be hurt.  Because it was the only good one I had left.  The other one has the damn Iritis.  If I must be blind I prefer it is only in one eye.  No doubt that is selfish of me.

And to add insult to injury I am now complaining about my minor hurts and injuries, like that is fascinating for everyone.

Sigh.  It is the next step from single cat lady.  Eventually we become Spinsters.

12 thoughts on “Owww! My Eye!

  1. You keep right on complaining. That’s what we’re here for.😊 I almost strangled myself at the grocery the other day when my coat button got caught in the slats of the metal cart while I was unloading it. Stuff like that happens.

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  2. Earlier today my infinity scarf got caught on a kitchen drawer handle … it almost strangled me! It’s dangerous to be fashionable … even in my own house. My cats don’t even care — they’re like, “Whatever, lady, feed me! Feed me NOW!”

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  3. I hope everything is alright. It seems the silliest sequence of events can cause injury. This will hopefully be one you can laugh at down the road. Best wishes for your eye.

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