Its the People, Not the Stuff

I think life is not about what you have, or where you are, or even what you have done.  Life is about who you are with and the moments you share with them.

We forget that because our culture emphasizes what kind of home you have, what kind of clothing  you have, what kind of phone you have.  The first thing people want to know about you is what you do.  And we play the ‘places we have been” at parties like its a trump card.

We pursue the larger home, the better career, and newest thing because we think these things are the key to happiness.

But all of that is just the supportive structure for who you are with.  Because the interactions between people are how we define ourselves and how we enjoy our lives.

Our happiest moments are when we are with people we love.  People are important.  Everything is just support for that forgotten fact.

We think that going on vacation will make us happy.  But its not the vacation, its the people we enjoy the vacation with that make us enjoy it.  We think having a large home will make us happy, but not if you are lonely in your large home.

I’m a depressed introvert and I still know this is true.  I may not always want to in the same room with people, but people are the substance of all the best moments of my life. And the worst.

Our culture has made us forget the essential thing that makes human life bearable is humans.  The moments between us are the real value in our lives.


3 thoughts on “Its the People, Not the Stuff

  1. Loved the comment about vacations. I’m not big on them except for the few years we rented a big beach house and had various people come and go all week. It was the best. Going without the people doesn’t seem like fun anymore.

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