In the gutter

In the gutter
was a silver CD,
“To Lativa”
on its side.

In the gutter
was a heart discarded
by Lativa,
while driving by.

Today I saw a CD in the gutter and this story walked into my brain and wouldn’t stop yammering.  So here it is.


7 thoughts on “In the gutter

  1. Oh, silly Lativa was drunk as f*ck … as she excited the car she was in while drunk and high on crack … again … think Amy Winehouse #2 … she accidentally let the disc slip from her lap as she stumbled onto the sidewalk in her 4 inch platform heels getting ready to go clubbing. She’ll be OK.

    Did you rescue the CD … just to hear the songs? 😉


    1. I didn’t rescue the CD. I just made up a story in brain about it. But I kind of wish I had. I want to know what was on it.

      Lativa is a cold hearted bitch in my story. Someone made that CD for Lativa, while thinking about her, hoping that she would think about them when she played it. And she threw it out the window at a red light.

      The person who gave her the CD is the heart she left without caring in the gutter.

      Or she just found it while digging under the seat for her lighter and he was some douche canoe she dumped 3 years ago, and now he’s got some crackhead girlfriend and she’s just dumped his junky cd because it was the garbage under her seat.

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  2. Elizabetcetera nailed it I think. If it is like us though, the CD case would be empty. We are constantly taking CDs out while driving and not easily finding its holder. So, you may have rescued an empty box.

    Of course, your story of the cold hearted bitch is more entertaining. Alas, we shall never know. Keith

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