Being Framed by my own Mind

All the remembered and current events in my life change when I stare at them.

The way they look depends on how my brain is feeling at the time.

When my brain is seeing them from the cesspools of depression, all of my actions look like failures, all the events look like disasters, and I am a pretty bad person all around.

When my brain is seeing them from a healthy happy perspective, all of those same actions are reframed into necessary actions, learning curves, challenges I can find a silver lining for and I’m a pretty decent human.

Everything in my life is framed by my mental disposition at the time.  Nothing has a black and white truth.

Humans don’t have a solid line inside of them that we can use to judge the world or our own actions with any accuracy.  So we reach out to some outside reference point because if we look too long at the ever changing landscape of our past, we start to recognize the wavering nature of our reality and truth becomes a hazy construct.

We realize – Nothing is ever true.

That is the attraction of looking outside of ourself for some unchangeable set of truths by which to measure our life.  That is the attraction of fundamentalist religion.


3 thoughts on “Being Framed by my own Mind

  1. Good post. I think you define why it is a good idea to not make hasty big decisions – job change, relationship change, etc. We should let decisions simmer awhile to see if we still feel that way in a few weeks.


  2. I think that’s one of the most insightful comments I’ve seen in a long time. I found out just how much our minds color our experiences all too vividly shortly after our mother died and my sister and I began talking about our childhood. We lived in the same house, had the same family, went to the same schools, but her memories of what happened were wildly different from what I remembered.

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