Fridays mean Fish


I live in Cincinnati, which is a heavily Catholic town.  So every Lent the Greater Cincinnati area has dozens of weekly Friday Fish Frys.  Everywhere.  Its a sort of unorganized festival of fat and fish.

There are people who make it a sort of pilgrimage to go to a different a Fish Fry each friday with a group of people.

All the restaurants will have fish.

Some Churches even have DRIVE THRU Fish Frys.

Does your city do anything like this?


14 thoughts on “Fridays mean Fish

    1. I moved here when I was 16. I think Cincinnati Chili is an acquired taste.

      I prefer Gold Star or even better Dixie, but likely you couldn’t tell the difference and wouldn’t like any of them on first taste.

      Its NOT chili in the traditional sense. Its unique and wonderful, but I think it suffers from being called chili. People who don’t know it, expect one thing and get something entirely unexpected and so they don’t like it.

      Also, its not really meant to be eaten in a bowl. Its mean to be on top of spaghetti or a hotdog.

      Possibly in a burrito or on a salad. But very few people dish up a bowl and just eat it.

      In ALL cases it should be accompanied by shredded cheese. This is a must.

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