“You Dress Too Young”

Someone decided that when you are an adult, you are no longer allowed to be frivolous joyful or silly.   Such things are for the young.  Who decided this???

Then the Judgy Asshats took it a step further and summarily included bright colors, tight clothes, revealing tops, and edgy outfits in the “Too Young” category.

If you feel good in clothing that is predominantly worn by young women, then dammit, wear it!  If you love bright colors, glitter and random feathers flaunt that stuff!  You want to wear your Star Wars Lightsaber – go for it!

There is no such thing as “too young”  or “she’s trying to recapture her youth”.  Fuck that view and the backwards ass it rode in on. 

If you enjoy wearing the current fads and you feel good in them, then flash that shit around and ignore every small minded bitch who comments behind your back or to your face.  Fashion is fun, and the funkier it is the more fun it is.

There is an AMAZING bit of film on 5 women whose average age is 80.  They understand.  If you don’t, go watch them.


You might have decided from this post that I am walking around in some wild and wonderful outfits.  Alas, this is not the case.  My tastes tend toward the conservative and my depression depletes the energy it takes to look fabulous.  But I do enjoy glitter, blue nail polish and am constantly considering dying my hair blue.

I do have a 50 something friend who has the lithe body of reminiscent of a teenager.  She looks 15 years younger than she is.  She works hard at it and she wears clothes and styles that highlight it.  And every jealous bitch out there tells her she is dressing too young.  Its all about jealousy not about reality.

6 thoughts on ““You Dress Too Young”

  1. I certainly agree with that! There’s no reason why older people have to follow some particular ‘style’ or mode of dress. When I get together with people in my age range I often feel like I’m at a wake, for heaven’s sake.

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  2. For me, it’s my high heels and my corsets for tops. I did indeed start listening to the subtle but pervasive voices telling me that as I neared 50 is was time to let that shit go. Hmph. Thank you for reminding me to tell them to kick rocks. :-).

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  3. It’s not the years you live, it’s the life in those years. I work with several people a generation behind me who lack the understating they should be enjoying themselves. :-D. Those same people are thinking your ti much competition for them

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