Things That Are Overrated

  1. Marriage – I have come to the conclusion that marriage is the death of romance.
  2. Christmas – this is the ultimate over hyped, under performing holiday on record.
  3. Movie Critics – I have rarely felt a similar level of regard or hatred to a movie as the critics have.
  4. Almost any possession before you own it.  The act of wanting and purchasing something inflates its value.  Once you own it, it loses something.
  5. New Years Eve Parties.  Too much drinking with strangers you don’t really care about.
  6. Talent – I am seriously wondering if its even a necessary ingredient for success.  Which is not to say that there aren’t talented successful people, its just that there are so many talentless successful people that it becomes clear that its not a requirement.
  7. Safety – For every safe thing we do, we lose a freedom.  We lose options, we lose fun, we lose courage.
  8. Central Heat –  This was one of my musing the other day.  If you grew up with central heat, you think its necessary for survival.  But for hundreds of thousands of years our ancestors lived and survived without it.  Its comfort, but its not necessary.

10 thoughts on “Things That Are Overrated

  1. I was all the way with you until #8. I love being warm so much I have @ss warmers … uh, I mean seat warmers in my car. After I get out of my car, I have a really hot @ss … of course, the only one who knows that is me. 😉

    Here’s #9 for you:
    9. PUNCTUALITY — Being on time is so overrated. Seriously.

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    1. I have seriously reconsidered the existence of God because of car seat warmers. There is nothing so decadent and yet so utterly wonderful.

      I naturally don’t have them in my POS vehicle, but in my limited knowledge of luxury, it stands out as a MUST HAVE for when I win the lottery.

      That and the big giant soaking bathtub.

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  2. I am OK with all but two. Marriage is very cool with the right person and you work at it. That is what ministers should tell kids – if you want a relationship work at it. Yet, a life long partnership need not have marriage to succeed, so your point has validity.

    On safety, it is easier for me to agree with you in my safe seat in North Carolina. Yet, safety is indeed an aspiration around the globe, especially in areas of violence and disenfranchisement. Maslov’s hierarchy of needs is alive and well in these parts.

    Thanks for getting the mental juices going early, Keith

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  3. I’m in agreement with Keith. Marriage is very cool with the right person. It is Heaven on Earth. I’m going on 22 years with my man.
    I also love talent. My life would be so much poorer without the great works of literature, art, architecture, landscape, music.
    I like your talent too. It’s raw, real, and I believe it to come from a very genuine place.
    Have a great day.

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  4. Great list. Love it, although I have to disagree about the central heat. I also love my central air conditioning. I think doctors are often overrated. Sometimes when I see my doc he’ll Google stuff during an appt right in front of me. I’m pretty sure I could save the copay and do that at home

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