I have a divided mentality

On the one hand is my romantic, imagination driven mind.  Its filled with elves, and monsters and heroes and gods and evil doers and magic.  I want that world to be real.  I want all the possibilities of that world.  Because in that world is so much more color and soul and life.  But this world isn’t real.  It just exists in my imagination.

On the other hand is my logical, critical mind.  I look for evidence, I assume the simplest answer to the mystery is probably the correct one, that science, not magic will solve problems.  That miracles are just nature unrevealed. I live this life out loud.  This mind that makes my decisions and scoffs at myths and magic.  But I find this world sad because its all too predictable.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t hate everything about logic or a critical view of the world.  I’m naturally curious and I love that I can know at least partly the why and how of most things that cross my mind.

But in this real world, I will never see a fairy.  I will never see a werewolf.  I will never find a unicorn.  I will never converse with gods.  And I will never wish upon a star and get eternal life, or super strength or any other sundry of things.

But in my imagination, those thing are real.  And in my daydreams I live and play among the myths and the magic.  I like that world better.

5 thoughts on “I have a divided mentality

      1. I LOVE the dragons! More dragons! More cowbell! More dragons! All I can say is that I’m thrilled the dragons DON’T talk because if those dragons peeped a word, even one single word, that show would be over for me. Everyone knows dragons do NOT talk!


      2. A woman with serious dragon opinions. I love you.
        But I kind of like the dragons with words too.
        I’ve been reading Rachel Aarons Nice Dragons Finish Last books. Dragons who shape shift to humans. Its fun!

        ps – My entire Game of Thrones knowledge is from watching all the Dragon clips and Daenerys (or as I call her – Dragon Mom) clips on Youtube. I have NO IDEA what the fuck the plot is – but I love her and her dragons.

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      3. The THREE reasons I watch GoT:

        1) The dragons and her queen
        2) The story of Tyrion Lannister (the witty dwarf)
        3) Arya Stark, the little girl who is often mistaken for a boy and loves sword fighting, etc.

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