That Bitch, Winter, Showed Up.

Late and with an attitude.

I’m a bit peeved at the inappropriateness of Winter’s party dress this week.

It was 12 degrees at noon today when I went to work. Tonight the low is going to be 3 degrees.  THREE.

This is CINCINNATI, not Canada.  12 degrees is Canada, possibly warm sunny shores in Alaska, but it is NOT Cincinnati. We have a different agreement.

I’m just saying.  Someone needs to address it with her.  She’s getting all kinds of pushy and more than a bit trampy.

I’m sending a note to Weather HR.

7 thoughts on “That Bitch, Winter, Showed Up.

  1. Yeah, that sounds awful. I think you should just turn the heat up to 72 and hibernate until … April … at least before April 15th so that you get your taxes done and won’t be in trouble. Oh, a heating blanket helps too … I hear Russians drink lots of Vodka — maybe that’s like antifreeze from keeping you from getting too cold.

    Sorry you are so cold. I HATE being cold. I really do. That’s why I’ll never move back to my home state Colorado. F*ck the cold.


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