My Doctor Appointment with Medical Student

Poor student.  The Doc sent him in alone at first.  He looked like he graduated from high school yesterday.

He apologized, repeatedly and in many different ways.for everything he asked, everything he said and for just being there.

I wanted to just stop him and give him some stage direction.  “Listen, Martin.  You need to start projecting confidence.  Act like you have it all covered.  Be the doctor you want to be.  PRETEND.”

At the end it just became farcical because he couldn’t get the blood pressure cuff to work.  It was awkward.  The nurse took my blood pressure in like 10 seconds.  He fumbled with that thing for 5-8 minutes before just surrendering.

He finally left and I figured the debrief would take a good long while.  When that many mistakes are made, it requires some telling.  It wasn’t as long as I expected.

Then my regular doc came in and was his usual cheerful self.  I am glad Martin has my Doc.  He’s kind and generous and has a sense of humor, so I think Martin will probably calm down under his tutelage.

He upped my antidepressant dosage and told me to come back in 3 weeks.  If my insomnia doesn’t get under control he might put me on on Trazadone to help.   I don’t want Ambien or anything like that.  I really feel like that made the depression much worse when I was on it.

Anyway, Martin and I survived the doctor appointment.  Although I think Martin was a bit battered from it.

3 thoughts on “My Doctor Appointment with Medical Student

  1. Oh, poor Martin. They always seem so nervous when they come in before the doctor. The last time I went to my doctor (for concerns about breast cancer – I won’t start those lovely mammograms until later this year) I could tell that he was uncomfortable. But hey, you gotta start somewhere.

    Good luck getting the insomnia under control. I hope the medication works and doesn’t interfere with anything else.

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  2. I took ambien for a little while and found that I was rummaging in the kitchen at night like a racoon not knowing I was even doing this. The next morning there was peanut butter, bread, and whatever else I had gotten into scattered about. Gained about 5 lobs over that stint. Ha. I hope the upped dosage helps you out – XOXO

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    1. My doctor was telling me that Ambien has a stronger effect on women and they now have dosage recommendations that are much lower for women because of that.

      I saw my father leaning out of his picture when I was on it. THAT was freaky.

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