What if Beauty had No Value?

I’ve never felt beautiful.  But like almost every person I know, I always wanted to be attractive.

I know all the reasons that beauty if a foolish thing to value.  It fades.  It is skin deep and does not represent the person.

I know how much pain my continued desire for it has caused me.  Just releasing that desire would be a great relief from the pain.  A huge freedom.

But, like so many things of this nature, knowledge isn’t the course of mental change.  Ultimately the deep rooted belief that beauty has worth is more powerful than the knowledge that personal beauty is not really representative of anyone.

Its the belief that beauty has worth that gives it value all over the world.  Even though it is an illusion we all recognize, we still hand over the reins to the belief.

Logic is not the power player in my brain that I want it to be.

4 thoughts on “What if Beauty had No Value?

  1. This is a provocative what if question. It would be foolish of me to say people don’t value beauty, but the glue in a relationship has to be more than physical attraction or it will not last, just as youthful beauty will fade So, being a fixer upper who has been married for over 30 years, my wife is also my friend and my home.

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  2. You last sentence says it all. I’m right there with you. At the end of my life, I can’t even comprehend how many hours will have been spent on hair, makeup, fashion and the like that could have been used to do something more noble.

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  3. You are talking about beauty on the surface seen with the eye rather than beauty from within that is felt by the heart. When judging your own beauty ask yourself how a blind person would “see” you. Personally, I am notoriously uninterested in make-up, jewelry, fashion, and hair styling. Probably because, one day in my teens, I realized I was never going to succeed in life based on my looks, so I had better start concentrating on other qualities. Looking back, one of the best realizations of my life.

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