People are complicated.

Don’t EVER forget that.

They can care deeply about some important injustice and laugh hysterically at a silly viral video just moments later.

They can love fiercely and blow off a minor flirtation without regard to anyone’s feelings.

They can swear like a sailor on heroin and hug a child with a broken doll with all the tenderness of pure compassion.

They can win a nobel prize and still make ridiculous errors of judgment.

We are not just one thing.  And the biggest disservice we do others and ourselves is when we try to define others or ourselves by one moment or emotion or achievement.

People are not defined by one thing.  They are complicated piles of garbage and art.

It is probably the best thing we can do a human is to remember that about ourselves and about the people around us.  No one is one thing.  No one deserves to have their entire life be judged on one thing.

5 thoughts on “People are complicated.

  1. I’m so glad I just read this post. It is so appropriate for how I’ve been feeling today. Overwhelmed with all the bad things… judging myself on only those. I’m so much worse doing this to myself… than to anyone else.

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  2. This is quite profound and pertinent. We often judge people on one example and paint the picture from there. I would hate to be judged only on a mistake I made. Well done.

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