Life isn’t Simple

Humans have been over simplifying the world, like I just did in the title for many millennia.

I wonder how we ever got better than being savages in constant fear, hunger and violence.  And then I remember.  We did it by convincing people through oversimplification that they should support X or Y change.

I hate the human need to simplify.  Life is so very much more complex than all of our ridiculous declarations of Truth.  But with all of that hate, I am still drawn in by the oversimplification of reality.

I want to understand.  And simple is just easier to comprehend.  Its easier to place new information into the organization that my mind has already laid out.

Complexity ,however, is beautiful.  Complexity is the very nature of life.  It deserves to be embraced.


One thought on “Life isn’t Simple

  1. Good post. Everyone wants a simple solution wrapped in a bow for a news sound bite. As you note, most of our problems are multi-faceted and require understanding of that complexity. Otherwise, we will miss the mark. Happy New Year. Keith

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