I would submit that the Interstate Highway System is the greatest achievement of the US government.

And we take it for granted.

It impacts you DAILY.

If you don’t understand its impact, think about the last time you drove on a road with some version this as its sign.


How many stop lights were there?

But the interstate goes the same places.  No stops.

The clothes you wear, the food you eat, the way you get to work.  Everything you touch is easier, cheaper and faster because of the interstate.

Every day.

It matters.  And its not even something we think about except when its not working to the exceptional level we think is normal.

A road without intentional pause.

A road with EXCEPTIONAL signage.  If you have a vague understanding of the geography of this country – you can drive the interstate system WITHOUT maps, from one end of the country to the other.

Its a primary example of when government works.

Eisenhower.  Who knew?  He looked so boring.

7 thoughts on “I would submit that the Interstate Highway System is the greatest achievement of the US government.

  1. Good supposition. Ike saw the benefit of continuing the investment in our country put forth under FDR. The interstate investment is a good example of this. I did read an excellent book on the history of Water and that book cited that the two greatest investments in American history were the Erie Canal and the Panama Canal which enabled trade, development and naval power. It is interesting to think through these suppositions. Keith

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    1. Ending something horrible that they endorsed until then, I don’t think of as an achievement. I think its just fixing something broken. I don’t minimize the effort and loss that went into correcting the brokenness, but I think its a different thing than creating something new, which made things significantly better.


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