Lily and the Pill…

So in the continuing and utterly fascinating story of me giving a pill to Lily everyday…

Score to date: 

Day 1.  Sara Wins.

Day 2.  Lily Wins.

Day 3.  Sara Wins.

Day 4.  Tie. – It looked for a moment like I was starting a win streak because the pill was swallowed with very little fuss or bother.  And then puked up within a minute. Along with all the food she had eaten earlier – so its a Lose Lose scenario, not a Win Win.

Still.  I’m encouraged by the fact that she isn’t fighting it as much.  So we will see.  I haven’t tried the pill plunger I bought because its just too big.  I’m thinking about getting it compounded if this continues to be a problem.

So that’s the update on the ongoing Lily vs the Pill story.

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