Today was a day…

I worked 2 hours over.  And I still wasn’t done.

I’m not doing that tomorrow.  Just so you know.  I’m NOT.

I was going to go in early and then I remembered I’m supposed to go to the doctor tomorrow.

And I’m going to demand drugs for this mental illness.  I am.

I’m really bad at this.

I have a hard time verbalizing this  issue.  And I know that seems crazy when you look at all the crap I write on Tumblr, but its true.

So.  Anyway.  That’s the goal.  Verbalize to the doctor that I am struggling.

I will report back on this subject tomorrow.

OK.  this is the area where I test the MORE feature.

Are you feeling the MORE??? HMMMM?





5 thoughts on “Today was a day…

  1. Questions I finally learned to ask that seemed to help me were, “What else could it be?” and “What are my other options?” You know your body and your mind, and you know when things are off, so if doctors don’t take you seriously, find other doctors. They are out there, but sometimes you have to work harder than you should (when you don’t need one more problem to handle) to find some to help. Keep going.

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  2. they’re crazy at work, you’re not. Hang in there, girl. (no drugs) I once worked twenty hour days- work, study, family, his family. In the end, I got seriously ill and had to just slow down for a while. And guess what- it worked. Now I consider very carefully what I do, and whether basics are enough, or I go the extra to do brilliant. You get no medals in heaven for a polished kitchen floor every day, but you might get your wings faster- and miss having coffee with the next George Clooney or whoever. (or romantic time with a great husband) wishing you that it works out.

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