Why does Indonesia get kicked around so much by Natural Disasters?

It feels like they can’t win for losing.

They had a landslide that killed 15 people on New Years Eve.

On average, a natural disaster has occurred in Indonesia every year since the 2004 tsunami, including earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and climate change fueled events.

It’s so unfair.  I know they are sitting in a hotbed of earth movement, add in climate change and bad infrastructure and you just can’t find a good outcome.

What is amazing is how they just keep trucking.  It gives me hope that we can all manage the future of climate change causing too many natural disasters.  Humans are resilient.

But that’s just a simplification.  Many aren’t trucking along.  Many are drowning in the consequences of the disaster, without sufficient help.

And in a future world where everyone is experiencing a disaster, will we be able to step up and help each other?  Now we all chip in and send aid.  But at what point does that implode under the weight of the need vs those who can support it?

I wonder how we will respond to the new world of constant upheaval?  Will we be our best selves or our most selfish selves?  I hope we will be our best.  I hope we will always be a community in local and a helping hand globally.

But it’s impossible to tell.  We ought, at minimum, to setting up infrastructure standards that will support the inevitable natural disaster that will hit all of us.  Soon it won’t just be those poor people in Indonesia.  It will be everyone, regardless of the geo-active area we live in.