Racism is Rampant in the US

It’s a thing.

Until this year, I thought it was mostly the hidden things that people in the comfort of middle class america didn’t really perceive.  But that changed this year.  It’s out on the lawn of the White House now.

But anyway – let’s look at the ways that it lives and makes black lives matter less.  The following is from Pew Research:

  • Education: 36% of whites have a college degree, 23% of blacks, 15% of hispanics.
  • Median Household Income:  $77K white; $44K blacks & hispanics
  • Black People and Hispanics are 2X as likely to be poor as white people.

The thing is the gap is growing not shrinking. It’s representative of a systemic problem – racism.

You want to blame it on black people, don’t you?  That was your go to thought.

  • they don’t value education
  • they don’t use money wisely
  • they get pregnant as teenagers
  • they use drugs more often.
  • they are lazy and don’t work.

That’s what you were thinking but don’t say out loud.  Do you know why that idea came to your mind?

Because that’s what our culture teaches us about black people.  It’s not true, but that what we culturally get told by TV shows and Movies and Talking Heads on TV and MEMEs and the list goes on.  We don’t see information that doesn’t fit what we already know, because it takes effort and being uncomfortable to process that.  So we just ignore it.  We accept the barrage of information that provides us with unconscious affirmation of our unconsidered beliefs.

It’s worse than that even.  It is an idea that gets perpetuated by algorithms in our criminal justice system, in the education system, in the credit systems,  in the very studies that look at these things.  Because once the perception exists, it’s just gets built into the models and all assumptions feed off it.

This is racism.  It’s real.  It’s living inside of you and me and every system we navigate in our lives. And it’s sucking the marrow out of nearly a third of our population.

This is why we have to say BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Because the entire system is designed to make their lives not matter, all while we are not saying the N word, so we think we aren’t racist.

The N word isn’t the thing that’s killing our country.   It’s an ugly word with a despicable but absolutely clear set of meanings.  But we have coded it with the entirety of racism instead of it being just one symptom.

Racism is hidden in the decay of assumptions that are feeding police violence, poverty and cultural norms. That’s what is rotting the foundations of our country.  The system is rigged against a third of the country.  That is what is killing the country.

Racism is real.  Stop yelling at the Straw Man Patriotism that is this free speech debate.  Start yelling about WHY these people are taking a knee. RACISM.

You are missing the Point

I keep seeing posts about “just do what they say” – “they don’t hurt you if you do what they say:… :They are people too.”


The point is that in the US an overwhelming number of people are dying because the police kill them.

An overwhelming majority of the people who are being killed are black people.

A staggering amount of police brutality happens to black people.

An overwhelming number of the people who are arrested are people of color.

They are arrested in much higher numbers than white people caught in the same circumstances.

They are approached and assumed to be in criminal circumstances based on skin color.

The prison sentences given to black people are longer than sentences given to white people convicted of the same crime.

These are NOT debatable issues.  These are FACTS.


The justice system, from police to courts to prisons are all visibly and blatantly discriminating against and KILLING black people.

Stop picking at the edges of the argument, measuring the corners and angles of a particular situation.  It’s not really about any one situation.  It’s about the ENTIRE system.  It’s a very big and very CLEAR picture. Evidence abounds.

The evidence isn’t in the media stories.  Those are the emotional windmills that we tilt at every so often. The evidence has been collected by many studies.  Research has been done. LOTS of it.  And the research reflects a disgusting and chronic problem.  It needs to be fixed.

Get your nose out of  your own experience. If you cannot empathize with someone else’s experience, at least LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE.    Its there.  Clear and factual.  This is happening.  Its real.