Covid-19, The Souvenir

The week after July 4th weekend, several of my coworkers went away to the beach on vacation. Apparently they decided that if they pretended hard enough the whole pandemic thing didn’t apply to them, it just wouldn’t.

The company required all of them to be tested when they returned but didn’t stop them from coming back into work while they waited for the results.

On Thursday, one of them announced that one of the people he and his father (both work for us) were on vacation with tested positive. They were still waiting for their results but they were sent home immediately.

Unfortunately that was after I had extensive contact with one of their phones and computer. I’m an idiot too.

Yesterday one of them was told he was positive and one was negative. Happily the one whose workspace I was in, was negative, but…

I went to get tested today. The drive through line was a literal mile long. But they are VERY efficient. I was done in less than an hour. But if I have this virus because these two idiots HAD TO GO TO FLORIDA, I am going to have to exercise a whole lot of anger management.

Is it impossible to sacrifice a vacation for the well being of your community? I just don’t understand.

8 thoughts on “Covid-19, The Souvenir

  1. It’s infuriating. Here in Cheshire everyone’s running around like primary school children when the bell’s gone for play-time. Not a thought, not a care – from most – in the world.

    I don’t know if this virus is “real” or not, but in the absence of knowledge (and power) I have to treat it as though it is – the failure mode is too serious to do otherwise.

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    1. Exactly. These coworkers don’t pretend it doesn’t exist. They pretend it only effects other people. Which is a very silly pretense because pretending isn’t magic. They aren’t children and ought to know better.


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