Happy Palindrome Day

Also ground hog’s day, but that’s just a silly superstition.

The 02022020 is real.  And it’s rare.

This particular date works in both the US and the European dating customs.  That makes it even rarer.

And today is the 33rd day of the year.  And there are 333 days left in the year.  Palindromes again!

I learned about this magical and rare holiday from Matt Parker, math video educator and presenter and author.

We need more pointless but interesting trivia in our lives.  Or maybe we don’t?  Anyway, it beats learning horrific facts about the coronavirus or the endlessly burning Australia or god forbid, Politics.  So.  I’m OK with it.



6 thoughts on “Happy Palindrome Day

  1. Very interesting day given its metrics. Is Palindrome headquarters in Ada (Oklahoma)? I used to work with a woman named Ada, so when I called her my favorite Palindrome, she chuckled. She later gave me a novel called “Palindrome,” which is an interesting read set in a Georgia coastal island. Keith


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