Timmy is HOME!

Timmy’s Big Adventure is over.  And I’m so grateful.  He’s thinner and dirty and has managed to grow a thick coat in just under 3 weeks, but he’s safe.


He’s walking around the apartment crying like he’s still lost though.  And Bijou is WAY over him.  She was very worried in the first few days.  Looking out the window constantly.  But I think she quite liked being the center of my attention.

Anyway about an hour ago, my downstairs neighbor called me to say Timmy was eating the food I left out.  I ran down stairs and was told he’d run into the back.  I went there and called and he immediately answered with pitiful cries.  He was under a box truck and just cried and cried like an abandoned baby but wouldn’t come out.

I finally had to sit on the ground next to the truck until he came out and let me grab him.  Well.  I wasn’t going to let him go, but I was sitting on the ground.  An unfit, fat middle aged woman needs all her limbs to get up from the floor but I had my arms full of Timmy.  I’m still not sure how we accomplished it.  Hopefully there aren’t any cameras in the area filming that moment.

Once inside, Bijou began to spit and growl and he just could not have cared less.  He was home and he knew it.  He ate like a little pig and drank a whole lot of water.

I will make an appointment with the vet on Monday.  He’s probably got worms.  Possibly fleas, but I’ve combed him for them and didn’t find any active ones.  But that is easy to manage and I already have the drops.  His asthma is bothering him.  He’s walking around with his mouth just a bit open.

He doesn’t look as thin as I would have expected but when you pet him, he’s just bones now.  Poor thing.  He’s home.  If I ever let him out on the balcony again it will be with a GPS collar.  But i think we will just never go out on the balcony again.  Period.


11 thoughts on “Timmy is HOME!

  1. YAAAAAY!!! 😀 … ** waves arms in the air like Kermit and runs around in circles!** … best news EVAH!!! 😀
    Something to think about when things calm down – maybe covering the balcony in mesh/chicken wire? … anyway, great news!!! 😀

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