Taxes – I guess they are necessary, but Damn.

So, about a month ago, I discovered I’m not paying my taxes.  I was a bit startled as it appears to me that my checks are significantly reduced by various forms of governmental dipping.

Also surprised because I filled out the apparently necessary forms and what-nots that are required, because removing money from your check is not a sufficiently painful process and so once a year we all have to pour alcohol on the wound by filing forms.

oh no!

But despite enduring these things and finding at least nominal comfort in the  necessity of these monies being contributed to civilization maintenance purportedly done by the government; I have found that my city has an income tax.  But I have never had to fill out a City Tax Form.  I never knew it existed. Damn online tax filing services.

Also, why the fuck hasn’t the City been writing me nasty letters?  No wonder there are potholes with active fishing in this city.  No one is collecting the damn taxes.

My employer is not removing the tax from my check because I don’t live where I work.  Despite this being common in the US, it makes it complicated that I live in one City, State and work in a different City, State.

This has been happening for 6 years.  I’m not saying it’s terrifying, but I have been chased by bears with briefcases in my dreams fairly regularly since I realized this.  chased by bear

After doing some reading of the not entirely detailed description of these taxes, I am hoping, deeply, that the taxes I paid to the city where I work will be reciprocal to where I live.   Particularly because the taxes where I work are higher than where I live so in that case I owe nothing.

This would definitely be the case if I worked and lived in the same state.  It would also be the case if this was state tax.  But it’s City Tax in different states and reading up on that situation makes it just unclear enough to make me want to cry helplessly in a corner.  nononono

But I am happily in possession of a small amount of clear brain right now.  And so tomorrow I am taking the day off and making sure I don’t owe the city hundreds or thousands of dollars in back taxes, penalties and interest.   City Hall, here I come.

standing in line

6 thoughts on “Taxes – I guess they are necessary, but Damn.

  1. Good luck. The city that I used to live in has a tax on non-property possessions like stocks and bonds. I never knew about it until I was moving out. With what I have it’s minuscule so I never investigated it. I also found out after I moved that I needed a moving permit. Never got that either. You have to proactive if you want to comply. Since I sold a house there I would have thought there would have been a trigger to let me know but sadly no. At one point my husband lived in one state and worked in another. There was a reciprocal agreement but it was a pain to do all the paperwork.


    1. It all seems so opaque. I guess we are all supposed to be responsible for knowing all the laws obscure and not. Since I discovered this I’ve put one other person into the know and 2 people told me they found out like I did. Chance conversation with a friend. I suppose it’s more money than they would gain to employ enough people to make actual effort to collect the unpaid money. But I’m not giving them the chance to hold it against me in the future.

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