Peas and Mashed Potato

I have loved that combo since a kid, but for some reason hadn’t eaten it in probably nearly 10 years.  On Friday I bought Kroger Mashed Potatoes and frozen peas and may I recommend?

I know.  It’s not home made.  But.

It has all the things that make Peas and Mash a comfort and a delight.

Lots of butter in the mash and also because I add it.

The frozen peas are lovely.  That requires no explanation if you like peas.

Mix together into one.

Together the soft with tiny little explosions of pea magic.

They are the panacea for a crappy day.  Low to no effort and pure comfort.



9 thoughts on “Peas and Mashed Potato

  1. Sounds like a winner to me 🙂 Peas and mashed potatoes were made to go together, I think.

    I make a sort of shepherd’s pie which is basically beef stew with left over bits of roast or fried ground beef, gravy, and lots of peas, with crust of about a half inch of mashed potatoes over the top. Just bake until it’s hot and the mashed potatoes start to get brown.

    My real guilty pleasure is instant mashed potatoes. My wife thinks I’m nuts. Making real mashed potatoes is ridiculously simple and to most people tastes better. But I just can’t help myself. Instant mashed potatoes with that nasty fake Heinz gravy that comes in the jars and I’m in heaven.

    There’s a reason why we call stuff like that comfort food. For whatever reason it does exactly that, comforts us. Perhaps it reminds us of childhood or some significant event that was meaningful to us. Doesn’t matter why. What does matter is we get not only food for the body from it but food for the soul as well.

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  2. Lots of butter is (of course) the magic ingredient!! I love these too. There is a take away place on the beach in Napier, NZ that sells hot peas in gravy – it is a chicken place but OH MY GODS – the peas and gravy is the best!

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