Considering Dal

I have a slow cooker.  I don’t use it.  But I have it.  In case I finally live up to my ideal of cooking up meals for the week ahead.

This week I’m considering making a dal.  So easy, so freezable, so yummy.

But I’m not a cook.  And my entire yummy dal experience is from a local Indian Restaurant that does something magical to beans that makes me like them.

So I googled, as one does.  And it turns out… Dal is not just one thing.   Or it sort of is – it’s legumes.  But sometimes they are whole, hulled or split.  Depends.

India is GINORMOUS, for those of you who flunked geography.  And different areas do different versions of dals.  Different spices, or beans or what not.

Very few recipes are already for a slow cooker and I’m not an expert so…

I have no idea what kind of dal my favorite is.  It’s just the magical stuff you put over the rice and then it’s contentment in my mouth.

I was overwhelmed by the possibilities I see.  And I’m fairly sure I’m not going to be making dal tomorrow.

I might buy some on the way home though.  😍




8 thoughts on “Considering Dal

  1. Are you not a meat eater? My favorite thing in our slow cooker is a beef eye of round. Fall apart beef. Sandwiches for leftovers. First night, the eye of round, mashed potatoes and green beans. I have to google what you mention here. We are always ready to try something new. I am intrigued.

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  2. Right? It’s like Chinese food. There are something like 56 different languages in China. So probably at least 56 different types of cuisine. And then there’s the British version of Chinese food, the American version, the Peruvian version, the Indian version…

    I am best at cooking in the slow cooker. Probably because it’s more like baking. Throw in your ingredients and presto! Magic meal comes out.

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  3. Sounds like Chinese food. I tried to make it once. Nope. Better to do take out. I love my slow cooker. I’ve learned how to make sure there is enough flavor. The best part for me is that I put it together in the morning when I have energy. I’m usually too tired to do anything but basic cooking in the evening.


  4. Soak your dhall, that is your raw split peas overnight.
    Then wash and cook with boiling water. Add salt to taste. Add turmeric powder.
    Halfway through add a tomato and onion.
    Almost done, then set dhall aside. Braise onion, garlic, a chilli, cumin in oil or butter.
    Drop in Dhall.
    Garnish with coriander.
    Not too much of it.
    I work. So I cook n freeze.
    Its delicious. Enjoy.
    Ps, i use a normal pot, no slow cooker 😀


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