Shower Thoughts

I very much support the work being done in extending healthy old age.  I even think finding a cure for death is probably a good idea.

However.  What about the Ears and Nose Problem.   Our noses and ears keep growing all of our life.  You may have noticed.  Or not.


But you will notice if we are able to extend life dramatically.  Another 100 years of nose and ear growth will turn us into veritable elephants.

Everyone focuses on wrinkles, but honestly – the nose – ear issue is interesting.   If no one dies eventually the vast majority of the population will be older than 70.

Will giant noses and ears be the new beautiful?   Will ears that hit your shoulders be considered a sign of sexual vitality?

Or will we sensibly give up sexual obsession upon discovering that we can pick our nose with our tongues?

I have to say, I’m in favor of the latter, not the former.  I’m an old fashioned girl I guess.  I can’t imagine finding elephant faces to be sexually attractive.  But what do I know.  Maybe time will change that.

Eh.  Probably Plastic Surgery Shops will be as common as Starbucks.  It will be done by anyone who is willing to get the certificate from the local e-college.  39.99 for the nose and 59.99 for the ears.

There will be a whole group of people who think leaving noses and ears natural is the only honest and right thing and they will be known as Elephants.



2 thoughts on “Shower Thoughts

    1. It does feel that way – but what is the plot? Perhaps a romance? Or a thriller where there is someone who is killing the elephants. Or visa-versa. Plot has always been my downfall in writing. I love building the world and the characters – but what to do with all of that is a mystery to me. 🤔😣🤨


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